Find and Mount

Find and Mount 2.32

Find and Mount 2.3 locates and mounts lost partitions in your hard drives

Find and Mount 2.3 is a software that locates and mounts lost partitions in your hard drives.
The program supports all versions of NTFS and FAT file systems.

When you run Find and Mount 2.3, it will show you the hard drives it detected on your system.

After you choose your desired hard drive, the program will offer you three methods to scan for lost partitions:

The "Fast intellectual Scan" will be the best choice if the drive has been repartitioned or if MBR is the only structure damaged. Using this method, when a valid partition is found, the process automatically resumes from the end of the found partition. This improves the speed of the process. This method is the fastest.

The "Normal Scan" option checks all areas of the disk where standard partitioning tools are allowed to place the beginning of a partition. This method takes between 1 to 5 minutes, but it may not find partitions that were created using some non-standard partitioning tools.

The "Thorough Scan" will look into every sector of the drive searching for valid partitions. This is the most complete method and it can take up to several hours to complete.

When the scan finishes, you will see the list of found partitions. Then, you can add any found partition to the system by mounting and assigning a letter to it.

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